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The massuese

The Masseuse A story about a masseuse and the secrete life that he shared with his mother when he was just a boy. He now has to deal with old forbidden desires and the appearance of new taboo ones.

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The Sex Worker

The S.W. A story about an escort who discovers a family she never knew she had and the secretes they keep.

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Saanvi and her family have just moved to North America from India. They are a very conservative family. But they meet the Matheson's a not so conservative family that makes them question their conservative ideals.

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Balls Deep

Is a graphic novel about a beautiful liberal women who is not afraid to go after what she wants. Even if what she wants would be considered taboo by most people. She owns and manages a bar and pool hall called Balls Deep Bar and Billiards. .

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The Futanari

NEW Samantha was born with a penis but later developed breasts. Growing up she always felt that she was not really a boy or a girl but a combination of both. With a sexual appetite for both men and women.